Cloudbusters, Skybusters or Giant Reusable Balloons?

For many years, latex and chloroprene vinyl fabric balloons have been used a way to bring attention to your business. They do create a carnival type atmosphere. The price of helium has skyrocketed over the earlier 5 years – which is more preferable? Cloudbusters, Skybusters or Reusable balloons? Which is better and can save you money? Arche gonflable arrondie

A 5. 5 foot chloroprene balloon better known as a Cloudbuster – can last from 2 to 8 days If you would like to increase the life of your Cloudbuster, bring it down and tie it off near the floor at nighttime, re-launch in the early morning. The environment pressure does have an effect on your balloon. While the manufacturer would not suggest that this balloon is re-usable, it has been done successfully. 

A Skybuster can be either a chloroprene balloon or a latex balloon. 6 feet giant balloons usually drift from 1 to 3 days (if hi-float was used). Hi-float is a liquid that putting in latex balloons to extend their float time. That coats the pores inside the balloon. Hi-float is not to be used with a chloroprene or re-usable.
Reusable balloons

The 6 foot reusable gleaming balloon can be made with one, 2 or 3 colors with the most frequent being red, blue and red, white and blue (looks like a beach ball). As well, you can add your logo – however, if this balloon is in the air 100′ – your logo might not be noticed. The strategy of this balloon is to fill it once and top it off with helium daily. You will probably want to tie this balloon off near the earth at night. The recylable balloon can last up to 6 months and comes with a tiny repair kit. Trees, power lines and any obstructions can tear the balloon.

As a result, what’s right for you?
I’d suggest you look at your helium and balloon invoices, then consider how many times every week you fly your balloons. Often – I’d personally suggest a reusable as well as the. For less frequent use, I’d go with the Cloudbuster.